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Art – Competence – Petra Kern

Art – Competence – Petra Kern

Kunst – Kompetenz – Petra Kern

Bergstraße 81
D-69121 Heidelberg

Welcome to Kunst – Kompetenz – Petra Kern, the Gallery of International Contemporary Art, Exhibitions and Exhibition appearances that become experiences. We treat art lovers from all over the world with a high degree of flexibility, empathy and respectability. We promote international, contemporary artists-oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures and sculptures of high quality and originality set us apart, but we also follow the more than 50-year-old tradition of wildlife art with works by Norbertine by Bresslern-Roth, Wilhelm Kuhnert and Manfred Schatz. At the Contemporary Basel, we are pleased to present paintings by Jonathan Huxley, Jérôme Lagarrigue and Karen Shahverdyan as well as sculptures by Jürgen Heinz and Stefanie Welk to international audiences.


Jonathan Huxley

Jonathan Huxley in Tales of the unexpected

Jérôme Lagarrigue

Lagarrigue-EYE as EYE

Karen Shahverdyan


Jürgen Heinz

Jürgen Heinz

Stefanie Welk

Stefanie Welk-In Orbit